Farming has long been the backbone of our family.

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Since the beginning, our farm, which sits in the heart of Southern Alberta, has been harvesting crops that help put food on tables across Canada and around the world. Our passion to diversify the farm and continue our work for generations is what has led us to expand from FARMING FOOD TO FARMING WELLNESS.


Our vision is to be the leading agricultural based cannabis company rooted in the integrity of farm life and family values.


At the heart of everything we do is family. This has been passed on for generations, and has been the guiding light in our farming and agricultural background. As fourth generation farmers, we know it is our responsibility to honour the past and create a bright future.

Our Heritage

Our history is our living roots, and has laid a foundation of values, hard work and determination to leave our farm a better place for generations to come.



Arriving in Canada


Our story started in Siberia, Russia. Though a very different place than our current farm, the family and the values that were built remain the same today. After months of immigration by boat, train and foot through Eastern Europe and across the Atlantic Ocean our family arrived in Kitchener, Ontario in 1925.

1925, arriving in Canada

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Our first crop in Alberta, Canada


We were fortunate to be given the opportunity to purchase a farm in Southern Alberta and travelled by train across Canada to the unbroken Alberta Prairies that we now call home. The first crop was harvested with a team of six horses, and our family felt blessed with this new beginning.

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Sustaining through dust and drought


Through dust and drought, our family’s resolve continued the farm through this challenging decade. A harvest isn’t gathered without hard work, dedication and perseverance and in these hard times our roots were forming in the Southern Alberta soil.

1930’s – Sustaining through dust and drought

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Developing a path towards commercialization


Our farm started developing its path towards commercialization and advanced machinery was introduced for more efficient planting and harvesting methods. As our farming practices started to evolve, ways to mitigate disease and increase crop yields were introduced.

1940-1970, commercialization

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Don Penner Seeds was formed


Don Penner Seeds was formed, and the first irrigation pivot was installed on the farm. This marked a distinct turn in farming practices and provided the farm a way to continue producing food for Canadians despite drought cycles.

1970_s Don Penner Seeds

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On-Going diversification and innovation


Don Penner Seeds has seen continued diversification and adoption of innovative new technologies and the introduction of specialty crops such as hybrid canola, seed alfalfa, hemp and row crops allowed for a greater range of production and diversity in crop rotations. No-till farming practices were implemented, in order to maintain the fertility of the land for generations to come.

1980s Don Penner Seeds PIVOT

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The call to the farm


After a lifetime of being inspired by our family, and years of dedicating our time to our studies as medical professionals, we decided to come back to the farm as the 4th generation to continue on the farming legacy. Our decision to diversify into the cannabis space was rooted in our forward-looking approach to sustaining our farm for generations to come.

2016- A Call to Farm

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Prairie Grass Inc. was founded


Our story is one rooted in a great sense of generational pride. It is our legacy and our family’s history of commitment to quality and passion for what we do that will be the foundation of company moving forward.

2017 Prairie Grass inc was founded

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Our mission is to enrich the lives of people
through naturally produced wellness

Our Facility

Currently in construction, Prairie Grass Inc. is located in Southern Alberta.

Our indoor facility is being developed on a 30-acre site to support cultivation, R&D, extraction, manufacturing and packaging.


Phase 1 includes a 32,000 sq ft building focused on cultivation, breeding and genetics.


As we prepare for commercial cultivation and sales, we continue to leverage expertise from industry leading compliance, construction, research, & brand development firms.

Business and Environmental Sustainability

Through our commercial agricultural experience, we understand the importance of utilizing technology and innovation to enhance production quality and efficiency.


High efficiency production for quality product is what has driven the design of our facility. Our land matters to us, and so like our farm, we have leveraged low-cost power solutions associated with water, light and energy. Maintaining the integrity of the prairies is of utmost importance to us and we have a commitment to ensuring the least amount of impact on the land and surrounding area.

Research Development

Our research & development partnerships focus on product development, new formulations, specific dosages and delivery methods.


As health care professionals, we see the importance of bringing evidence-based research to practice and will support research and advancement through our production at Prairie Grass Inc.


Prairie Grass will focus on the cultivation of multiple cannabis varieties and formats, which include dried flower and oil based products designed to improve cannabis care in the female and elderly populations.

Our Team

As co-founders of Prairie Grass Inc.we have developed a way of working that is not only inspired by our family, but by our bond as sisters and our long-term commitment to the medical community. As a Pharmacist and Registered Nurse, we have been on the front lines of patient care for years, and know that feeling healthy is the key to a better life. We aspire to change the way people view wellness and provide a natural alternative to achieving it. We are proud to be cultivating a future of naturally produced wellness.

Rebecca Thomson



  • REBECCA THOMSON – Co Founder

    Growing up on her family farm instilled a love for family values, dedication, hard work and pride in everything she does. In addition to having an agricultural background working as the finance manager for Don Penner Seeds, Rebecca is a graduate from the University of Saskatchewan, with a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. She has 10+ years experience in community pharmacy practice, affording valuable experience in quality assurance protocols and patient education.

  • Olivia Penner



  • OLIVIA PENNER – Co-Founder

    Olivia is a Registered Nurse with a passion for making a difference through her work. Her dedicated and compassionate approach comes from values learned on the farm and she brings a community first approach to her endeavours. Olivia’s background includes studying Biochemistry at the University of Lethbridge, and a Bachelor’s degree in Registered Nursing from the University of Calgary. Olivia has essential experience in front line patient care and bringing evidence based research to clinical practice.

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